Colors with Character: Early Adventures

I had so much fun with these color palettes during my Month of Magic last month that I decided to keep making them. Colors are such a major jumping off point for me and my design process and I know I'm not the only one. So I hope you continue to enjoy these Disney inspired color palettes.

This color palette reminds me of the transition of summer to fall where the days are still a little warm, but you start to fill a chill in the mornings. 

Colors with Character - Early Adventures | #colorpalette #disney

This particular photo was taken first thing in the morning on our last trip to Disneyland. There is something so enjoyable about being in the parks early when you aren't surrounded by crowds. I guess that's probably why Jeff and I prefer to get there early, take a midday break, and stay late.

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One Year with Paisley

Paisley the Pup |

This weekend we celebrated a big milestone! It's been exactly one year since we adopted a shy 12 week old terrier puppy. Who knew that just 365 days ago, our lives would be changed forever . . . and ALL for the better!

When Paisley came into our lives last August, I definitely wasn't prepared for the constant needs of a growing puppy. So in those first few weeks, I had several emotional breakdowns (probably coaxed along by a severe lack of sleep due to a crying puppy) and at one particularly low point, we even considered giving her back to the rescue group. I guess I should mention that I wasn't exactly in a good place mentally last year, so taking care of another being besides myself definitely challenged me and I wasn't sure whether I could handle it.

Fortunately, after about two months we turned a corner. Paisley started consistently sleeping through the night (which meant so was I finally). Jeff would take care of her in the mornings so I could sleep in a bit. She and I finally got into a groove of our daily routine so I could get some work done. Slowly, things just got easier.

Paisley the Pup |

Looking back now, it's hard to believe that was only a year ago. And honestly, I don't even remember what our life was like without her. There are so many things I would have missed out on if we didn't stick with it during the first few tough months with her:

  • I'd miss out on my cuddle sessions with her on the couch every night.
  • I'd miss out on our daily walks around the neighborhood.
  • I'd miss out on her obsession with her favorite toy we have lovingly called the Octopus. 
  • I'd miss out on her kiss filled greetings every morning after dropping Jeff off at work.
  • I'd miss out on her love of blueberries, chicken, and ice cubes.
  • I'd miss out on her defending me from the evil thing in the bathroom: the shower door.
  • I'd miss out on giving her belly rubs and smothering her with kisses.
  • I'd simply miss out.
Paisley the Pup |

I'm SO glad we made the decision to keep you Paisley girl. You fill our lives with so much joy and we love you more than I ever thought was possible. Happy anniversary to our little happy family!

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August 2015 DigiScrap Parade

Before I get to everything that’s going on today (HOLY COW there's a lot!), I just have to say this first . . . August is going to be AWESOME!

DigiScrap Parade Mini Kit Freebie

First off, thank you for stopping by my blog along the DigiScrap Parade route. I hope you’ve been enjoying the freebies so far and there’s lots more goodies to come!

My contribution is below; just click the image to start the download.

If you’re following the Parade route from start to finish, you should have arrived here from Wishing Well Creations by Laura Passage and your next stop will be Paula Kesselring. If you get lost along the way, simply head back to the main DigiScrap Parade site to view the master list again.

TDP Pennysaver Preview

Today's the start of of The Digital Press's semi-annual Pennysaver Sale, where we'll be releasing over 100 new products for just $1 all month long. It's a great chance to try a new-to-you designer or stock up on products from your favorites.

My first Pennysaver products won't debut until Tuesday 8/4, but here's a quick sneak peek:

This & That Digital Scrapbook Sneak Peek |

And if you don't want to miss out all my new $1 releases (or want to have early access to my new releases before they are available to the general public), make sure to sign up for my newsletter.

SHCo Turns Five

I may have only been been with SugarHillCo for one year, but I've been a big fan of the site since it's beginning and it's hard to believe that the site is turns 5 today! And to celebrate, we're having a huge sale where everything is 60% off, plus we have a CU Blog Train that kicks off today.

NOTE: This freebie was only available through SHCo's Birthday Celebration (August 1-8). However, it is now available for purchase in my shop.

If you like my freebie above, then you'll also love the new pattern set I have in my shop this week, In Stitches Patterns (which is only $2.00 during the Birthday sale)!

Well, that's all I have for you today! I hope you've enjoyed the freebies and I can't wait to share my brand new Pennysaver collection with you next week :)

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Colors with Character: Nighttime Earth

July is nearly over and I hope you've enjoyed this year's Month of Magic (MoM) and celebrating everything Disney this month with me! As a final send off to this year's MoM celebration, I thought I'd end the month the same way I started: with a Colors with Character color palette.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Spaceship Earth is by far my favorite park icon of any Disney park and it's definitely the one I take the most photos of. So this week's color card showcases the brilliant colors that light up the "golf ball" at night.

Colors with Character - Nighttime Earth | #colorpalette #disney

Want to save the colors to inspire you later? Feel free to pin the image to Pinterest OR follow myColor Palettes board for continuous color inspiration.

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My 2015 Disneyland Hybrid Scrapbook Album

I've always had a hankering to create a hybrid scrapbook album. So for the past few years, I've been filling my Pinterest boards with gorgeous pocket style pages I was inspired by or traditional pages I wanted to emulate, but never managed to get off my butt and actually make a hybrid album happen.

Well, this summer I finally managed to give hybrid a go. But because I didn't want to get too overwhelmed with a large project (as tends to happen when I get excited about something), I decided to scrap our most recent 5 day vacation to Disneyland in a 6x8 Project Life album instead. By limiting myself to a short vacation and choosing a smaller album, I knew I was much more likely to finish it.

I was a little skeptical if I could make it all work since it's been years since I've used real adhesive and embellishments, but I'm really proud of the results. So if you're a digital scrapbooker that's been considering creating a hybrid album, I would definitely say start small and choose something you know you want to scrapbook to increase your likelihood of success.

My April 2014 Hybrid Disneyland Album | scottygirldesign #disney #hybridscrapbooking

I hope you enjoyed looking through my album! It's a perfect cliff notes version of our trip, highlighting all my favorite photos and highlights from the trip. And because it's hybrid, it allowed me to include real ephemera I collected on our trip like our hotel keys and park tickets. That makes it feel a bit more authentic to me than scanned-in images in a digital album would.

In the end, I will probably stick to digital scrapbooking most of the time since *FULL DISCLAIMER* it took me about 3 times as long to finish this album as it would have taken me to complete it digitally. However, I did really enjoy the change up in my scrapbooking process and would consider doing a short album like this again in the future. 

What about you: are you totally into digital or hybrid? What would make you interested in trying out a different method of scrapbooking?

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