Be Authentic & Tell Your Story (even the not so glamorous parts) with Digital Scrapbooking

Hi, I'm Shannon! 

I'm a surface designer who has a well documented obsession with patterns and typography. For the past six years, I've enjoyed working in the scrapbook industry and have gained valuable insight into the ins and outs of the digital scrapbooking market. I've celebrated big achievements and suffered some huge failures and setbacks – all of which I choose to see as learning experiences that have propelled my career forward. 

If you're an aspiring scrapbook designer or a veteran in the industry who's always interested in learning new tips, I want to help you improve your business and your skills set. Won't you join me?

Designer Resources

Commercial Use Products

High-quality illustrations, textures, elements, and patterns sold exclusively at SugarHillCo.

Pattern Class for Designers

The only in-depth Illustrator pattern class created for digital scrapbook designers.

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